Essay Corrections available at http://www.ieltswritingtask.net/ https://www.facebook.com/IeltsWritingTask-205577652822039/ https://www.youtube.com/c/ieltsessaycorrection Vocabulary acquisition is sometimes seen as the key area to promote with regards to improving reading comprehension. Others argue that productive skills such as writing and speaking are more important. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

Some language experts believe that lexicon resources are principle parameters for betterment of reading apprehension. While a part of experts opine that strong forte in writing and speaking is much more essential. When a person tends to align towards advanced level of reading then I think that acquisition of words list certainly helps, as compared to the other skills.

To commence with, to enhance reading ability understanding of words is substantial which comes with word stock. In can be stated as that to read effectively one ought to know about the meaning of sentence which comes with cognition of word family and grammar structure. To illustrate, if someone starts reading newspaper “Economic Times” then he or she should be owing long word list and to grasp it fast, person should be familiar with the words instead of referring thesaurus at every sentence and such familiarity comes with learning. In today’s era, where everyone is tech-savvy, requires to attain databank of words so that they can move ahead with technology and other ones.

On the contrary, deftness in other skills such as writing and speaking can help in constructive way to get good command on overall English abilities, doesn’t gives an extra edge on reading potential though. This is important to realize that an effective speaker with good fluency and pronunciation capabilities may not have understanding of difficult words but still such speaker can showcase his ability in impressive manner. On the similar pattern, writing competencies are linked with grammar structure and some basic vocabulary, henceforth, without grip on lexis as well a writer can be well legitimized. To exemplify, many novel writers and public speakers are very famous due to good writing and speaking style even they don’t possess a strong word bank.

To conclude, expertness in spoken and written abilities definitely gratify one’s abilities to become master of language, nevertheless, to improvise on reading portion vocabulary certainly facilitates effectively.