Essay Corrections available at http://www.ieltswritingtask.net/ https://www.facebook.com/IeltsWritingTask-205577652822039/ https://www.youtube.com/c/ieltsessaycorrection These days, international marketing is more common due to the increase of global companies. There is currently a contentious argument whether this can be sometimes called as an invasion of culture in the country.

On the one hand, global marketing sometimes has positive aspects. Firstly, all people over the earth can share the same value and feeling through the advertisement. We can take advantage of this nature to solve the international problems. For example, if a global beverage enterprise leads a promotion to save the environment encouraging the eco packaging, a number of people may be aware of the environmental issue. It may have larger influence than the campaign of public global organization such as the UN. Secondly, international marketing can introduce a culture to the people who have another culture. It sometimes contributes to mutual understanding in the world and mitigates the cultural conflict.

On the other hand, international marketing is sometimes harmful for the countries. One good illustration is that the campaigns utilizing Christmas or Helloween brought the culture to other counties which had not have it. There is a potential threat of large companies distorting the local culture to have advantages in the market. In addition, global advertising may change the mind of local people since advertisement often show an ideal lifestyle. It may mislead the people to think the lifestyle in the ad is better than theirs and dismantle their culture.

In conclusion, although global marketing has positive influence on the country to respect with sharing the same value and cultural exchange, there are some potential damage to the countries as it may destroy and transform the local culture. Therefore I believe that in most cases, we have to be careful about an excessive marketing not to allow them to degrade the local culture.


P2 Palash

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Essay Corrections available at http://www.ieltswritingtask.net/ https://www.facebook.com/IeltsWritingTask-205577652822039/ https://www.youtube.com/c/ieltsessaycorrection Dear Sir/Madam:

I am writing in response to the advert for the position of a Billing Senior Manager in the Daily Star

newspaper 21 st October, 2016. The opportunity presented in the listing is very interesting and I believe

that my strong technical experience and education in this field will make me a competitive candidate for

this position. The key strength that I possess for success in this position includes:

 Expertize in designing and implementing Billing solutions

 Experienced in communicating and coordinating with stakeholders to support business initiatives

 Skill to guide team and manage projects ensuring timeline and budget

 4+ years of past experience in similar position

I am very much enthusiastic to take new challenge in your esteemed organization. Please find out more

on my qualifications and experience from the enclosed resume. If you need any further information please

contact me via telephone or e-mail. I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours faithfully,



Essay Corrections available at http://www.ieltswritingtask.net/ https://www.facebook.com/IeltsWritingTask-205577652822039/ https://www.youtube.com/c/ieltsessaycorrection Task 2:

Traveling is an activity where you can experience new routine and start fresh, yet it has some drawbacks. In my opinion, traveling, wither it is domestic or international can benefit individuals and countries in the same time. This essay will discuss both issues using examples from Google and Turkey government to demonstrate points and prove arguments.

Firstly, being under a great pressure because of work not only affect the productivity of ones, but also harm them physically. There is one way to overcome these problem is by traveling. This is due to the fact that when traveling, the energy will recharge and the brain will be clear. For example, a recent study on workers in Google shows that employees who take vocation have increased in creativity by 60% than employees who don’t. Therefore, having sense of adventure and travelling to new places has many benefits.

Secondly, countries will be affected by the passenger in its lands. This is because travelers usually spend more than citizen, which can result an economic boom. For instance, in Turkey, which is known for its high numbers of visitor, tourism is the largest income for the country at 70% of the total income. Consequently, traveling has economical advantages.

To conclude, going from one place to another in favor of enjoyment would benefit both, the traveler and the destination. It is predicted that in the future companies will provide its workers with paid holiday each year, where they will relax, take a breather, and recharge their battery.

Task 1:

The graph shows a house plan 4004-3C with width 69’-0’’ and depth 36’-0’’. It is constructed from two floors; main floor area 1789 square feet and lower level area 798 square feet.

Entering the house, on the left is bedrooms area and on the right is living area. There are 4 bedrooms, three in the main flood and one in the lower floor, at size around 12-15 square feet each, with one closet in each bedroom except on with two closets. The living room is slightly bigger than the dining room, 14-20 square feet for the living room and 12-14 square feet for the dining room. The garage is the largest area in the house for 21-20 square feet, while the kitchen is the smallest at 11-10 square feet. Regarding bathrooms, there are two in the main floor and one in the lower floor. The house has a large patio in the main floor, behind the kitchen and the dining room, and terrace and activity room in the lower floor.



Essay Corrections available at http://www.ieltswritingtask.net/ https://www.facebook.com/IeltsWritingTask-205577652822039/ https://www.youtube.com/c/ieltsessaycorrection Children tend to adopt more usefull skills and boost their imagination

through dynamic and creative activities than reading. I believe that interests

that allow children to be actively involved and express themselves will indeed

contribute more to their development. This essay will analyse both issues

and use examples from everyday life to demonstrate points and support


Firstly, energy bursting activities, especially those that can help children

show off to their parents are ideal for learning skills. Reading can not provide

that dimension of learning. This is because children are full of energy and

always in pursue to impress. Taking dance lessons can enhance their

coordination and fine motoric skills and in the same time boost their self-
esteem. For example, a study conducted by Oxford University in 2010. found

that pupils who were taking dance lessons along with academic subjects

performed much better in motoric-skill assessments required by some

universities, than those who did not take them. Therefore, it is clear that such

a dynamic activity can award children with various benefits that reading can


Secondly, a challenge to create something is very stimulating. Children are

passive when they read, and although it can help develop their imagination,

active involvement is much more interesting way of learning. This is due to

fact that children are often impressed by the idea of creation, and can not be

more proud when they create something with their own hands. Through

drawing and painting children can easily express themselves in a creative

way and be impressed by their accomplishments. For instance, William

Archer, a Nobel prize winner for literature, wrote in his biography that as a

child he found reading boring, but enjoyed drawing, and the idea of creating

something led later to a successful atempt to write a book. So, although

reading can be source of inspiration and imagination for children, creative

activities are more enjoyable process of learning.

To conclude from examples and arguments given I firmly agree that

engaging in dynamic and creative activities can help children develop motor

skills, boost their self esteem and learn them how to express themselves,

while reading is inferior in this domain of learning. In the future even more

emphasis will be thrown in engaging in such activities.

Communication technology has enabled family members to communicate

in a different way so, it seems that they communicate less often. I do not

agree that communication has decreased within family, it has only changed

shape due to technology development. This essay will analyse both issues

and use examples from everyday life to demontrate points and support


Firstly, modern means of communication were unthinkable twenty years

ago, and they keep families even closer together today. This is because

there are easy to use, always available and relatively cheap. It is possible to

be in contact with overseas relatives, call or send a picture from almost any

place in the world. For example, mobile phones enable even young children

to call their parents in any situation from school or from a school trip.

Therefore, it is understandable how communication advanced and made

families more connected.

Secondy, another breakthrough in modern communication was WiFi. New

technology also implemented internet into a phone and a revolution of

Iphones changed everything. This is due to fact that Internet became widely

used by family members outside of a house or work on very affordable

costs. For instance, today in every coffee shop wifi is free so, while drinking

coffee people can call or text to their family for free. Once again, it is clear

how communication technology created whole new dimension for families to


To conclude, from examples and arguments given I firmly disagree that

there is less communication in families today because due to technology

communication has became easier and cheaper. In the future it is possible

that new breakthroughs will provide even more ways to communicate.